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9:48am 03-05-2015
nice to hear country that is "off the charts" fro herr lamars meyer.
12:40am 03-02-2015
Good morning, Keith!! We're down here in Florida thinking about y'all up there in the cold, frozen north. Stay warm! Only 18 more days till Spring!

7:25pm 02-22-2015
Sounding great NBRN -- Keith And I both have releases on several of the same Trend Records Compilation releases . I sure miss Tom Hodges.
8:24am 01-18-2015
visited today your friend from Massachusetts and Rhode Island keep up the great music and helping so many Artists on radio
8:51pm 01-12-2015
Sounding great.
5:53pm 01-09-2015
love the song eye of a hurricane
9:42am 01-04-2015
Great Music!
3:07pm 12-23-2014
Love it!
5:02am 12-06-2014
Would like to wish all of you at NBRN.FM a very safe and Happy Holiday season !
1:36am 11-18-2014
thanks everyone for listening to my "CHRISTMAS MEMORIES" SHOW here on this GREAT RADIO STATION NBRN.FM every Friday Morning @ 10:00am DALLAS, TEXAS US CENTRAL TIME following Mr. KEITH BRADFORD'S Likileakes Radio Show :-) GOD BLESS YOU ALL and HAPPY HOLIDAYS wishing you & yours a blessed HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!!!
1:30am 11-18-2014
Hi Keith and Mike, I am very proud and honored to be a part of this great Radio Station NBRN.FM and a special heartfelt thanks to my precious friend Doris Hays :-) for introducing me to you! Hello to my friend Patty Patrick "HAPPY TIMES" LOVE her entertaining SHOWS and Hermann Lammers Meyer "TOWN & COUNTRY" my little pal Landon Wall on NBRN and your great Likileakes Radio SHOW "KB" thank you kindly Sir for letting me do my CHRISTMAS SHOW every week and GOD BLESS!! NBRN.FM is the best station on Earth my friend!
6:28am 11-12-2014
I am so sadden by the death of MR.Charlie Ray. I want to thank you also for playing my tune "POURIN RAIN"...May God Bless!!
7:09am 10-29-2014
Love this station!!!
6:08am 10-20-2014
Your web site looks great, a pleasure to visit and real easy finding the information needed. I really love those stars that come out when you run your cursor over the menu buttons.
9:03pm 10-17-2014
Thanks so much for the great opportunity! Sounds Great!
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