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4:15pm 06-15-2014
Awesome mix of tunes...many thanks!
3:00pm 06-01-2014
Thanx so much for requesting my music. Keep up the good work.
God bless and ride tall,
Richard Martin
1:51pm 05-26-2014
God bless you! Just wanted to stop by to wish you peace and blessings ALWAYS!
1:14pm 05-26-2014
9:03am 05-25-2014
I appreciate being in the top 20 with CMG and KBRN.FM. Stop by to say hello thank you for everything.
2:17pm 05-21-2014
I am a recording artist with my song "I Love You" on the top 5 charts! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to NBRN for playing my song! You have a great station!
7:39am 05-16-2014
Just stopping by to say hello. Keep up the great work DJ's at NBRN
Guy Leroux Fizer Music Productions
9:21pm 05-14-2014
Thank You Bill Rainey for playing my songs and all the other indie artist! We appreciate it!
10:52pm 05-13-2014
Proud to have my song "You'll Never Change" featured on
NBRN.FM Premier’s May Top 30 Download Chart
11:21am 05-08-2014
Love your station..

Have a great day,
11:43pm 05-02-2014
Thank you for your interest in my music. I'm now a regular listener. Cheers!
12:24am 04-17-2014
glad you like my songs come hear more at
5:34pm 04-10-2014
Howdy Folks! I love what your doing to promote this all important Art form.
Music helps keep this world sane.Well done!
Ray William Roldan,
1:46pm 04-09-2014
I just found out about your fine programming & am looking forward to being a "regular" listener, as well as "promoter" within the greater L.A. "singer/songwriter" community! BEST WISHES!
-Ned Treanor, Los Angeles
3:06am 03-26-2014
Hi there. Thank you for viewing my music on Reverbnation and inviting me to contact you regarding your interest in my music. I did reply via email and via Reverbnation. Best regards : Andre van der Mescht South Africa.
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