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7:39am 05-16-2014
Just stopping by to say hello. Keep up the great work DJ's at NBRN
Guy Leroux Fizer Music Productions
9:21pm 05-14-2014
Thank You Bill Rainey for playing my songs and all the other indie artist! We appreciate it!
10:52pm 05-13-2014
Proud to have my song "You'll Never Change" featured on
NBRN.FM Premier’s May Top 30 Download Chart
11:21am 05-08-2014
Love your station..

Have a great day,
11:43pm 05-02-2014
Thank you for your interest in my music. I'm now a regular listener. Cheers!
12:24am 04-17-2014
glad you like my songs come hear more at
5:34pm 04-10-2014
Howdy Folks! I love what your doing to promote this all important Art form.
Music helps keep this world sane.Well done!
Ray William Roldan,
1:46pm 04-09-2014
I just found out about your fine programming & am looking forward to being a "regular" listener, as well as "promoter" within the greater L.A. "singer/songwriter" community! BEST WISHES!
-Ned Treanor, Los Angeles
3:06am 03-26-2014
Hi there. Thank you for viewing my music on Reverbnation and inviting me to contact you regarding your interest in my music. I did reply via email and via Reverbnation. Best regards : Andre van der Mescht South Africa.
10:24pm 03-23-2014
love your music......thank you.....daf xo
8:17am 03-23-2014
Another great show March22! I almost missed it but glad it comes on at 11 am my time…..I brought my laptop upstairs so I could listen while I did my exercise bike…..good tip about listening via android phone! Clays tune rocked....Bills jokes were wonderfully sick as usual…luv it. Have a great day!-Shawn Rosseau, singer-songwriter, Canada.
7:50pm 03-18-2014
Fantastic music! So glad Sally Jones brought it to my attention. Thanks so much for your interest in my music. If anyone else is interested, you can find me at
Have a great night Sheila
5:03am 03-18-2014
Thanks for taking an interest in our music !
12:16pm 03-17-2014
Bill Rainey,
Thanks for the shout out Monday. Have a Blessed Day.

Proud to be in the Lord's Service
12:56am 03-13-2014
Great Music! Keep up the good work NBRN.FM!
Matt Hews
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