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6:03am 03-18-2014
Born Country
Thanks for taking an interest in our music !
1:16pm 03-17-2014
Bill Krambs
Bill Rainey,
Thanks for the shout out Monday. Have a Blessed Day.

Proud to be in the Lord's Service
1:56am 03-13-2014
Matt Hews
Great Music! Keep up the good work NBRN.FM!
Matt Hews
12:54pm 03-11-2014

Good tunes!

Please listen to Doug Seegers and his amazing Going down to the river. His is singing with Jill Johnson (famous country singer in Sweden) and Magnus Carlson (singer in Weeping Willows).

The song is truly amazing and touches everyones hearts!

Best regards, Ann from Sweden
4:36pm 03-10-2014
Brandon Patrick
Good Tunes!
2:44pm 03-05-2014
Roger Losh
Thank you for the opportunity for radio air play. It's truly appreciated Mrs. Jones.
12:29pm 03-05-2014
Steve Hamil
Sally Jones, I am just checking to see if you got the album requested of Bridget leigh (my daughter) I sent a couple of months ago. We have been so busy down here in Daytona. She will be playing bike week again this year starting next weekend. Her graduation from high school in May should free her up for a little travel if you would like to have her on live. Thanks! Steve
3:39am 03-05-2014
Larry M Clark
Just found you now that Loudcity is kaput!
2:41pm 02-27-2014
bernard GLORIAN
very good Radio station, indeed !! best regards from france, bernard
1:03pm 02-26-2014
Randy Floyd
Thanks a million for playing my music. You really know and support Country Music. It makes me very proud to know you.
2:10pm 02-23-2014
David Dillow Thomas
Hi Morris HasH.
2:08pm 02-23-2014
David Dillow Thomas
I like U song. Buddy Laxton told me about U Raido.
Love U.
Do U have Blue Grass.
7:02am 02-22-2014
barb ellington
Hey Susie and Bill!
10:42am 02-21-2014
David Ward
Keep up the great work and Thanks for all your help and advice in making my dreams come true.
1:26pm 02-20-2014
Bob Owens
It's been a while since I tuned in, but you guys are still important to me and I still have your link on my web site. So this is just a friendly HELLO to you all
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