12:03pm 02-26-2014
Randy Floyd
Thanks a million for playing my music. You really know and support Country Music. It makes me very proud to know you.
1:10pm 02-23-2014
David Dillow Thomas
Hi Morris HasH.
1:08pm 02-23-2014
David Dillow Thomas
I like U song. Buddy Laxton told me about U Raido.
Love U.
Do U have Blue Grass.
6:02am 02-22-2014
barb ellington
Hey Susie and Bill!
9:42am 02-21-2014
David Ward
Keep up the great work and Thanks for all your help and advice in making my dreams come true.
12:26pm 02-20-2014
Bob Owens
It's been a while since I tuned in, but you guys are still important to me and I still have your link on my web site. So this is just a friendly HELLO to you all
12:56pm 02-19-2014
Boogie Allen
I use to go by "Ed Allen" till a piano player started calling me "Boogie" back in 1974. So I do and write traditional country with a little boogie in it at times.
7:53am 02-18-2014
aubrey hobson
Thanks for your support and hard work
8:23am 02-17-2014
JK Nick Nichols
Thanks for contacting me, would love to get me songs added to your playlist

you can also see my video Hero at:
9:21am 02-15-2014
Rita Faye Tanner
Sounding better than ever!
7:22am 02-07-2014
Guy Leroux
Looks like you guy's are still playing some extremely great music.

Guy Leroux at: Fizer Music
8:00am 01-17-2014
Heather Riley
Hi Bill! Your wife Barbara sent me a message on my Facebook Page a week ago and told me that you have been playing my song "Radi-io" on your station! I would like to thank you so much for your support and for letting me know! Please keep in touch and if you ever need anything, just give us a ring! : )
8:08am 01-11-2014
Guy Leroux
Have a Happy New Years everyone
4:42pm 01-04-2014
Marcus Boyd
Just ran across your station. You're welcome to add some of my music if you like. Thanks!
10:10am 12-30-2013
hi nbrn please go to ( see if there is a couple hits&please let me no REAL COUNTRY my life befor 1991 accident ended it all terry ball in tennessee;;
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