6:27am 05-16-2013
Elizabeth Cates
James Breedwell is such a gracious and open guy. Many thanks to him for hosting the recent radio show segment featuring TSAI.
10:48am 05-14-2013
9:02pm 05-12-2013
Ronda Baugus
I want to thank Bill Rainey for playing my song on his show! Small Town Where I Grew Up. We enjoyed your radio show! Thanks Again.
Ronda Baugus
11:17am 05-11-2013
Elvis Lloyd Carden
Thanks for the airplay and support Musically
6:25am 05-09-2013
Herbert Hopkins
ThaNks for finding me Boss Cotton L.T.D. 0n . This proves sites and connections to the net work for indie artist! In Nashville and gona be atSkullys Saloon in Old Hickory tonight song writers jam. Hope to meet yall soon!! The Pipeline Nation!!
10:55am 05-08-2013
hi nbrn i sure hope you like some of my REAL COUNTRY songs about me&my life befor 91 accident in 91 thanks for any help TERRY BALL
2:42am 05-07-2013
The Suntones

Thanks again for playing and liking the new Suntones EP Down the Line. Coming from Australia it is such a thrill for you to play our music in Nashville . Here is a link to our website if anyone would like to hear more of our music or read about the band . All the best - The Suntones
11:26pm 05-06-2013
Darrell Heath
Hi NBRN Have a great summer !!! Heath and Miller
8:40am 04-23-2013
Rose Angelica
To Sally Jones:
Thanks for liking my tunes and for the great note you sent me!
Thanks for all your help! Let's get together when I get to town for the CMA Fan Fair!
5:54am 04-20-2013
Chris Hayle
Thank you so much NBRN for requesting my music and adding me to your rotation line-up! What an honor! I have sent you, via email, two of my latest singles. God Bless you!
Chris Hayle
Chris Hayle Music
3:35pm 04-18-2013
Dave Dykins
Thanks for addding me to your library and for the opportunity to share these songs on the New CD "Forgive and Forget"
Thanks for your support
Best Regards
Dave Dykins
7:29pm 04-10-2013
Doc Martin
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce two of the Fancy Ass Records Int. Country Music Artists. We would very much appreciate your support and air time.
Thank you so much,
Doc Martin

Creed Fisher
Odessa, Tx.

Mandy Mason

Mandy Mason is also the President of Fancy Ass Records Int.
You may reach her at

This is the Fancy Ass Records Int. Label Objective:

Label Objective

Historically, music labels have continuously taken advantage of artists, singer/songwriters and musicians. For those in the music industry, there are thousands of heartbreaking stories of such famous and talented artists that end up with nothing due to bad label deals. Most musicians do not have degrees in business, and so the artist ends up in a vulnerable position and as a result ends up penniless. Fancy Ass Records is "The Artist's Label"! Just because an artist does not have some huge budget behind them, does not mean that the artist does not deserve to be on a label. Musicians work far too hard for far too little money. Many times, you will see some of the most talented entertainers in the world working for tips. It's time for the artists to get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.
The objective of Fancy Ass Records is to offer a platform for International exposure for great and unique original music, by great artists world wide. All artists must be self contained, and write their own copyrighted music. If the artist is a minor, we will consider material that has been written for them.
This label is owned, operated, and managed by fellow musicians, artists, and songwriters. Fancy Ass Records is a music family working to promote great people and great music!

Fancy Ass Records Int.
Making a world of difference
In the world of Music
8:43pm 04-08-2013
hi my name is terry ball from cleveland tenessee and i have sent my songs a few folks have heard them my question is when or what time they play im sure there is no way to no at all the good songs iv heard thanks terry ball
4:59pm 04-08-2013
Yes' Ma'am
Thank you for your interest in Yes' Ma'am from Northern California. Sincerely the warmest regards,

11:00am 03-31-2013
Jacob Huffman
Thank you nbrn for requesting my music #JacobHuffman
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