3:58am 03-19-2019
Mary Ellen Winsor
Just wanted to say hello and thank you for playing my music. Al is a friend of mine. Thank you Mary Ellen
7:23am 11-15-2018
Eric Chaffin
Just wanted to say hello to my sister in law Bonnie
8:18pm 07-29-2018
Beverly Lavertu
CEO of the Florida Orange Blossom Country Music Association and the Michigan CMA we thank you for playing all these great songs and for the interviews of Jasmoine MacDonald and Ron Pruitt of the Florida OBCMAI.
6:07pm 07-08-2018
Rita Loffredo
Very interested in knowing when the interview with "BHB" will be up on your website to hear and download.... Great station really enjoy tuning in.
8:32am 06-28-2018
Beverly Lavertu
Great station love country music
11:27pm 06-19-2018
Trevor Toews
Hi from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada folks. Glenda just told me about you guys. Great site. Blessings, Trev.
6:16am 06-07-2018
donnie dean
Hey Gang,

Just droppin' by to say that I love what you're doin'...I appreciate the air time and have enjoyed sittin' in with Bonnie-n-Steve. See Ya' when I get back to town
2:37pm 05-31-2018
Joe Pride
Shout out to cuz Nick Pride
9:13am 05-28-2018
Hello Mr Bradford

How are you doing Its me Matilda Mooney and am from Ghana,Accra we're ready and willing to work with your successful you got to love it show cuz that's Keith Bradford House and he's the one that's got the big pull the radio he's my connection
7:10am 01-25-2018
Emily Todd
Hello y'all, from Stanton, Kentucky. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Hello Donna Frost!
4:32pm 01-22-2018
mindi kilty
Tom Dowswell told me to reach out to you about discussing my music,
we did a radio interview this morning and he thought I may be of interest to you.
7:14pm 12-17-2017
Greg Finch
Hey Folks, Sounding Good Keith!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my ole friend.. "I'll See Momma Reaching For Me"

Greg Finch-423-451-0133 Finch Music
2:28pm 10-16-2017
Beth Williams
I'm a radio personality on International Connection Radio in New Zealand as well as KFAN, Texas Rebel Radio 107.9FM in Fredericksburg, Texas. I feature unsigned Indie Songwriters mainly from Colorado and Texas, USA, along with others. The genre is Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, etc.

I'm looking to further syndicate my show. Would you be interested in hosting a FREE Indie Americana Songwriter Show--where the Colorado mountains meet the west Texas wind? You can learn more about my show by listening to some of the archived shows here:

Thanks so much for your consideration.

Beth Williams
Ph. 325.347.7128
11:02am 10-01-2017
john gowan
just found your link---heard Sam Lees music not bad at all play some others thanks jg
3:30am 09-09-2017
Peter Stillberg
Hi! Thanks for playing country gospel. I alter between WSM and NBRN. Do you have a list on your homepage listing the songs played?
(From a listener in Sweden)
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