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9:17am 10-27-2016
Bill Lesig
Love the Marge Miller Band, From Bill
11:20am 10-01-2016
Dorothy Trupe`
Listening from Outlook, Montana. Listen to Ed Dailey every week on KATQ Radio out of Plentywood, Montana. He has the greatest show and has even come to Plentywood and put on one heck of a concert. Happy that you have him doing your show.
10:44am 09-22-2016
Super Radio ! Je ne me lasse pas de vous écouter.

You are the best on Net
9:05am 09-15-2016
Ann J Morton
I Love NBRN-FM I love all the DJ's on NBRN-FM andThat great Hermann, and his super Voice. Thanks for playing my records. "You gotta love it" and By golly. I DO. HERMANN Your the greatest!!! Ann J.
1:25pm 09-13-2016
Barbara Blevins
I've listened to NBRN.FM since day one and it's only gotten better.
Love Keith & Mike and all of the guests they have on each of their
Shows. Randy Barlowe being one of my favorite.
8:14am 08-22-2016
Mai Larsen
Love your great station and grea6t artists you has there. Keep up the good work Keith & Mike. Love you both
9:46pm 07-15-2016
Billy Mac
Keith, I want to thank you for helping a very nervous old boy on both your radio and TV shows. I had so much fun and it was something I'll never forget. I Good news today, my first single was released today. Next week we head to the studio. Thanks for everything and I hope you'll have me back soon.

Billy Mac
8:35am 04-30-2016
Leo Leppio
Like to listen...
1:01pm 04-28-2016
Re McCalisterMcElmur
Can't wait to hear the great Randy Barlow! !!!! He is just the best ever! !!!!Love him! !!!!!!
3:30pm 03-31-2016
Sharon Starks (SAP)
I have been listening to you off and on this afternoon! Enjoyed hearing your voice! Take care and Love to each of you at NBRN!
7:39pm 03-15-2016
TJ Shinas
Thanks for the great your station....Tj
5:47pm 03-15-2016
Sue Dyson
I'm enjoying all the tunes you have playing this afternoon! I'm painting our kitchen at the moment so all this great music sure helps make painting fun! Righteo.. best I get back to it. Have a great week everyone!
3:05am 03-06-2016
Leon Turner
Station sounding great.
5:25pm 02-14-2016
david childress
My question would be the same as Connie Cassell Tuck. How does one go about submitting songs for airplay on your station?
7:50pm 01-13-2016
Jerry Bogan
Just wanted to say thank you for playing my new song: Let It Rain
Jerry Bogan
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