2:18pm 08-30-2017
Billy Mac
Hey Keith. There aren't enough great words I van say about you and your wonderful station. Because of you, I've had two charted songs on AirPay express. My newest song is still climbing. I'm ecstatic. More to come,thanks
4:18pm 07-27-2017
Dixie Rose
Thank you Mike for playing my music and for giving me so much time in our interview. I hope you enjoy the rest of my music. Dixie Rose
9:18pm 06-09-2017
Connie Hall
I want to thank you, Mike for the email about my full Gospel Album "Lord Use Me". I will look forward to hearing it played on your station there, and hope people will enjoy to win some free CD's from you on this project!!
Thanks again for what you do there.
Connie Hall
PS God Bless!!!
9:22pm 03-16-2017
Few Miles South
Hey Mike! Thanks for playing our song, "On Down the Road" today. It was great talking to you and we really appreciate your support. We'll be sending you new music soon...and maybe we'll be seeing you soon too.
Let 'er rip!
Best, Tori and Blake
5:50pm 02-15-2017
Lynda Lynn
7:50pm 01-28-2017
terry ball
thanks everyone @NBRN for playing my songs i wrote&lived and did sing until accident in 1991 that did end my singing&walking i had been use to
but iv never gave up on my country songs or quit looking for the right country singer for my songs so please if you play 1 tell them im still waitnig for the right male/or female singer for any of my 9 thanks TERRY BALL IN TENNESSEE.
3:53pm 12-24-2016
Elvis Carden
Merry Christmas Kieth And Mike and Happy New Year Musically Elvis Carden
8:04am 12-24-2016
scott simmons
Had an awesome time being and performing on Keith Bradford's Ya Gotta Luv It! Radio Show/Interview! Thanks Keith for everything! You are an awesome guy!
8:41am 11-30-2016
hello Keith. still listening and enjoying your station. From New York to Tenn sounds great. Celine Jaqulynn is doing great and I will share some of her recordings to you. will send them to you.
7:21pm 11-06-2016
Michael James Caron
All the songs sound great. I am very interested in Billy Mac who I feel is going to go a long, long, way. I would like to request one of his songs if I may. Thank you.
8:46am 11-02-2016
Good Morning
9:17am 10-27-2016
Bill Lesig
Love the Marge Miller Band, From Bill
11:20am 10-01-2016
Dorothy Trupe`
Listening from Outlook, Montana. Listen to Ed Dailey every week on KATQ Radio out of Plentywood, Montana. He has the greatest show and has even come to Plentywood and put on one heck of a concert. Happy that you have him doing your show.
10:44am 09-22-2016
Super Radio ! Je ne me lasse pas de vous écouter.

You are the best on Net
9:05am 09-15-2016
Ann J Morton
I Love NBRN-FM I love all the DJ's on NBRN-FM andThat great Hermann, and his super Voice. Thanks for playing my records. "You gotta love it" and By golly. I DO. HERMANN Your the greatest!!! Ann J.
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