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12:04pm 01-06-2016
Michael James Caro
Hi Keith. I have been trying to submit a song from one of my clients, but it does not seem to be going through. I am going to try to put the link to the MP3 here, but I don't know if it will go through. Okay, it would not go through. Sorry to take up your time. Do you happen to know why I can't reach Cliff on his phone?
M&S Public Relations
9:23am 12-28-2015
Roger Stephens
Thanks for supporting Billy Dean's recording of my song, Wounded Warrior......a special thanks to Bruce and Kieth.
5:34pm 11-15-2015
cheryl BURNS.
all country music.
11:21am 11-09-2015
Ciaran Duffy
Brilliant radio, class music. Would love to here Robert Mizzell's song "John Deere Beer" Keep up the great work you guys are doing, best wishes always from all of us here in Ireland.
1:21pm 10-19-2015
Thank you Keith and Mike for welcoming me and my husband so graciously i Nashville! Hugs from London Canada
4:11pm 10-15-2015
Randy Floyd
Love this place from TEXAS!!!!
5:54pm 10-12-2015
i am grace's number one stan !!!!
5:10pm 10-12-2015
Bob & Angela Mercier
Hi Everybody. Thanks for giving our granddaughter, Graclyn Rennick a shot at broadcasting and the best country station "Grace In Your Face" show is great! Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
7:31pm 10-02-2015
Chris Goodwin
Great sounds tonight you guys
7:28pm 10-02-2015
Chris Goodwin
Great sound tonight.
This is an awesome site to stream country music
5:23pm 09-27-2015
Elvis Lloyd Carden
Hi Kieth hope all is well SMOKIN HOT DJ is Out Now and BIG RED back on the charts hope you have them if not I will send them to you take care Musically Elvis Carden
12:23pm 09-22-2015
Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, descubriendo el mundo de la música Country.
8:39pm 09-14-2015
Connie Cassell Tuck
How do I go about getting my music played on your station? Thank you!!!
10:39am 09-09-2015
Faye Baldwin
Hey Keith and Mike, keep up the good work. I enjoy you shows . Great music. so many great artists.
Faye Baldwin, Artists Management
8:34pm 09-03-2015
Celine Jaqulynn
Hello Keith.
Just a qucik stop to say hello and how is everything going. Celine is getting ready for back to school. She had a very busy summer with her music. Hope to see you all soon.
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