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12:25am 10-17-2013
Mick Abrey
G'day Guys and Girls. Just found out you were playing one of our tunes 'Don't Judge a Book by its Cover' so tuned in. Great shows and real country music.
Cheers and thanks Mick from RUCKUS
9:52am 10-06-2013
Cynthia Fellers
We(Country Crossfire) resently got a message from you on Reverbnation about wanting our music.We are happy to know this and want to know more.We are from small town Wills Point,TX.,30 minutes from Dallas.Don't get out much,just on our own turf here at home,playing tunes when the urge hit's us.
11:30am 08-12-2013
Elainee Presley
Just want to say thank you all and Hi Ya and have a great fine day at the station


Elainee Presley
5:02am 08-12-2013
Emily Jones
Big hello from a 16 year old ENGLISH singer/songwriter. Sent my music to this studio and received an email saying you guys had been playing my stuff! Never felt happier than I am right now! Thank you to Sally and to the DJ's who've played my stuff!
6:58am 08-02-2013
Rose Angelica
Thanks for the interview and playing my tunes!
You are the best!
6:25am 06-11-2013
Lanny McIntosh
Hi Keith, enjoyed the interview and performing at the Texas Troubadour Theater. It was nice seeing you again. Hope you can spin my debut single RADIO FRIENDLY, Thanks, Hope to see ya soon, Lanny McIntosh
11:30am 06-05-2013
John Murray
Hi There Guys & Girls, im listening in from Northern Ireland, love the music.
Going to put a link on our Country music Club web site so others can enjoy in Ireland & UK.
Have a good day , John.
8:54am 05-29-2013
Guy Leroux
It's been a while since I posted anything here. Still loving your music, keep up the great work DJ's at NBRN
Guy Leroux
Follow me on twitter @
2:04pm 05-21-2013
Ronda Baugus
Thank you Bill Rainey for playing my music on NBRN.FM I appreciate you and this great radio station for supporting indie music!
6:27am 05-16-2013
Elizabeth Cates
James Breedwell is such a gracious and open guy. Many thanks to him for hosting the recent radio show segment featuring TSAI.
10:48am 05-14-2013
9:02pm 05-12-2013
Ronda Baugus
I want to thank Bill Rainey for playing my song on his show! Small Town Where I Grew Up. We enjoyed your radio show! Thanks Again.
Ronda Baugus
11:17am 05-11-2013
Elvis Lloyd Carden
Thanks for the airplay and support Musically
6:25am 05-09-2013
Herbert Hopkins
ThaNks for finding me Boss Cotton L.T.D. 0n . This proves sites and connections to the net work for indie artist! In Nashville and gona be atSkullys Saloon in Old Hickory tonight song writers jam. Hope to meet yall soon!! The Pipeline Nation!!
10:55am 05-08-2013
hi nbrn i sure hope you like some of my REAL COUNTRY songs about me&my life befor 91 accident in 91 thanks for any help TERRY BALL
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