1:21pm 10-19-2015
Thank you Keith and Mike for welcoming me and my husband so graciously i Nashville! Hugs from London Canada
4:11pm 10-15-2015
Randy Floyd
Love this place from TEXAS!!!!
5:54pm 10-12-2015
i am grace's number one stan !!!!
5:10pm 10-12-2015
Bob & Angela Mercier
Hi Everybody. Thanks for giving our granddaughter, Graclyn Rennick a shot at broadcasting and the best country station "Grace In Your Face" show is great! Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
7:31pm 10-02-2015
Chris Goodwin
Great sounds tonight you guys
7:28pm 10-02-2015
Chris Goodwin
Great sound tonight.
This is an awesome site to stream country music
5:23pm 09-27-2015
Elvis Lloyd Carden
Hi Kieth hope all is well SMOKIN HOT DJ is Out Now and BIG RED back on the charts hope you have them if not I will send them to you take care Musically Elvis Carden
12:23pm 09-22-2015
Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, descubriendo el mundo de la música Country.
8:39pm 09-14-2015
Connie Cassell Tuck
How do I go about getting my music played on your station? Thank you!!!
10:39am 09-09-2015
Faye Baldwin
Hey Keith and Mike, keep up the good work. I enjoy you shows . Great music. so many great artists.
Faye Baldwin, Artists Management
8:34pm 09-03-2015
Celine Jaqulynn
Hello Keith.
Just a qucik stop to say hello and how is everything going. Celine is getting ready for back to school. She had a very busy summer with her music. Hope to see you all soon.
12:46pm 09-03-2015
Terri Basic
Great Listening to your show
6:27pm 07-16-2015
bob pennington
Great station and DJ's. Thanks for playing and highlighting us, the writers and their material.
11:06am 07-03-2015
Bob Owens
I tuned in at 10:00 California time cause I was too busy before that, but I'm really glad to be here. Hi Mike, Keith, Johnny, and all of
Friday July 3rd 2015 God Bless yall.
8:38am 06-27-2015
Tracy Smith Tabor
We are going to miss the Kids Radio Club show. This has been a great experience for the kids. They have learned a lot and have met so many great people along the journey. Thank you for giving Macy the opportunity to share her music and have her voice on air. I hope she has brought joy into the lives of their listeners. We are very grateful and blessed to have been part of the Kids Radio Club Show.
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