6:23pm 09-27-2015
Elvis Lloyd Carden
Hi Kieth hope all is well SMOKIN HOT DJ is Out Now and BIG RED back on the charts hope you have them if not I will send them to you take care Musically Elvis Carden
1:23pm 09-22-2015
Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, descubriendo el mundo de la música Country.
9:39pm 09-14-2015
Connie Cassell Tuck
How do I go about getting my music played on your station? Thank you!!!
11:39am 09-09-2015
Faye Baldwin
Hey Keith and Mike, keep up the good work. I enjoy you shows . Great music. so many great artists.
Faye Baldwin, Artists Management
9:34pm 09-03-2015
Celine Jaqulynn
Hello Keith.
Just a qucik stop to say hello and how is everything going. Celine is getting ready for back to school. She had a very busy summer with her music. Hope to see you all soon.
1:46pm 09-03-2015
Terri Basic
Great Listening to your show
7:27pm 07-16-2015
bob pennington
Great station and DJ's. Thanks for playing and highlighting us, the writers and their material.
12:06pm 07-03-2015
Bob Owens
I tuned in at 10:00 California time cause I was too busy before that, but I'm really glad to be here. Hi Mike, Keith, Johnny, and all of
Friday July 3rd 2015 God Bless yall.
9:38am 06-27-2015
Tracy Smith Tabor
We are going to miss the Kids Radio Club show. This has been a great experience for the kids. They have learned a lot and have met so many great people along the journey. Thank you for giving Macy the opportunity to share her music and have her voice on air. I hope she has brought joy into the lives of their listeners. We are very grateful and blessed to have been part of the Kids Radio Club Show.
12:29pm 05-30-2015
Jackie Smith
I enjoy listening to my grand daughter Veronica Anderson on Saturdays. She is my shinning star.
1:19pm 03-13-2015
Jimmy Parker
Hey Keith....I want to make sure NBRN is getting my music. Let me know what the last song is you have of mine. And let me know the email address to submit new material. Thanks....Hope all is well...
8:07pm 03-12-2015
Thank you NBRN for playing my tunes...Blessings from Canada
10:48am 03-05-2015
k3en lambert
nice to hear country that is "off the charts" fro herr lamars meyer.
1:40am 03-02-2015
Suzie Sterling
Good morning, Keith!! We're down here in Florida thinking about y'all up there in the cold, frozen north. Stay warm! Only 18 more days till Spring!

8:25pm 02-22-2015
Dan Beal
Sounding great NBRN -- Keith And I both have releases on several of the same Trend Records Compilation releases . I sure miss Tom Hodges.
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