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8:33am 07-30-2020
Lynn Proctor
Donnie you are doing amazing! Always happy to tune in and listen to ya!
8:38pm 07-21-2020
Sherri Harris
Enjoying the Home Sweet Honkey Tonk with Donnie Dean every Thursday. Hoping he gets that 2nd hour. One is not nearly enough!!
12:31am 07-03-2020
9:16am 07-02-2020
James Finchum
it is an honor to be associated with you and have you associated with Cherokee Nation Radio.
2:03pm 06-15-2020
Joyce Lovette
I am new and was invited by Chris Mabb. Chris is a great guy and s8nger. Looking forward to listening more often.
11:32am 05-21-2020
Lee Wicks
Hi Donnie, you're doing great, I like when you talk about home.
6:22pm 03-09-2020
donnie dean williams
Thanks for the kind words and takin' the time folks...
11:12am 02-19-2020
Donnie Dean
Listenin' to Ricky Lee and Glenda V right now...always entertaining. And Keith, Bonnie, and Steve on their respective shows as well...glad to be a member of the NBRN family. Thanks for those watchin'/listenin', and signin' the guestbook...
1:35pm 02-18-2020
Lisa Tolson
Caught Donnie Dean and his Homesweet Honky Tonk show live last Thursday! Great show! Donnie is a natural. Always great to hear him whether he's doing interviews or singing!
6:26pm 02-13-2020
Barbara Chambers
I work Thursdays, so I watched it a little bit ago. Great show Donnie.
5:44pm 02-13-2020
Barbie Mitchell
Great station ~ really enjoy your online YouTube live shows. Donnie Dean is awesome!! Keep up the great work
2:30pm 01-30-2020
donnie dean williams
Mornin' Bradford's, just hoppin' in to say Thanks for the format to broadcast the Home Sweet Honkytonk. I'm havin' a great time, and lookin' forward to growin' with NBRN. I appreciate be added to the roster.
11:23am 12-10-2019
Tom Lang
Hello friends. I just want to say I love listening to your music out here in Oregon. I am a song writer and recording artist and i love traditional country music.Maybe someday I can here my songs on here.
7:33pm 11-27-2019
Adair Torres
Just stopping by to say hello...
Hello you all...!!!!
12:32pm 07-09-2019
Amanda Rogers
Just stopping by to say hello.


Amanda Rogers
Live Sound Engineer
KJ (Karaoke Host)
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